I’ve Helped Thousands Of Women Change Their Mindset & Improve Their Relationships With This Simple Act Of Kindness

Do you want to achieve your dream relationship where your man spoils you, pampers you and caters to your every need?

Do you want to have your man wrapped around your finger, ready to do whatever it takes to make you happy at any time?

And no, I’m not talking about being manipulative or having a transactional relationship …

I’m talking about getting what you want by communicating with your man in the way that he listens. Approaching your relationship from a different perspective that makes your man find pleasure in making you happy!

Most women have no idea how the act of making their men feel special is actually beneficial to them!

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Become The Woman He’s Scared To Lose

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Let’s be real … You want to be cherished! Being spoiled, pampered and catered to like a queen is almost every woman’s dream come true.

Truth is, you can get anything you want out of your man if you know how to communicate with him in a language that he understands.

See, men don’t communicate like we do. Women are more emotional and sophisticated by nature, but as you know, men aren’t good at expressing their emotions. This is where most women struggle, but it really doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep most men happy.

No man wants to come home to a nagging woman who wants to argue all the time …

Most women don’t know how to make their man feel respected and appreciated. You have to learn to speak to him in the way he listens… How many ways can you think of to make him feel like the king of the world?

And here’s the crazy part … YOU will benefit so much more from making him feel special. With the skills that you’ll learn inside Ryder University from mindset down to the technique, you’ll have your man handing over the credit card while falling deeper in love with you almost instantly! That’s right, I’ve trained thousands of women to change their mindsets and almost all of them see results immediately … learn by day and play by night!

Let’s make one thing clear … you’re not obligated to make your man feel special. Treating him in a special way is an act of kindness, an act of love that is 100% voluntary. There are many other ways you can express your love to your man … cooking him his favorite meal, giving him a massage, or even making him breakfast in the morning.

But understand this … surprising him with breakfast in the morning will make your man happy for a moment, but surprising him with special treatment will have him smiling all day long!

Regardless of your current experience, the skills that you will learn inside will help you establish reciprocity, subtly have your man do anything you ask, and turn you into the woman your man has always dreamed of!


Chante’ Knox, professionally known as “CJ Ryder,” is a personal development expert and best selling author who has helped thousands of women create their dream relationships through her coaching.

She teaches women how to create a stronger bond, deeper connection, mutual respect, and reciprocity with the special man in their lives through the art of oral pleasure. She helps women change their attitude and mindset when it comes to the subject of oral love, and helps them understand the simple truth that pleasing that special man in your life is a mutually beneficial act of love that creates reciprocity and makes your man fall deeper in love with you.

“Surprising your man with breakfast in the morning will make him happy for a moment, but surprising him with special treatment will have him smiling all day long!”

Develop A Healthy Mindset With Romance & Make Your Man Fall More Deeply In Love With You

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Inside, You’ll Learn How To…

Always Make Going Down Town An Exciting Experience

Discover the secrets to a more fulfilling love life by trying new, exciting techniques that blow your partner’s mind!

Get Rid Of Your “Performance Anxiety”

Release shame and stop feeling anxious about going down on him.

Become More Confident And Surer Of Yourself And Your Abilities

Make it an exciting experience for you as well.

Learn Why It’s More Mental Than Physical

Turn him on, and take him to the peak of exhilarating heights.

Create A Powerful Connection With Your Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate with your man in the way that he will listen, in a way that creates connection and enhances intimacy.

Make Your Man Fall Deeper In Love With You, And Everytime Feel Like Your Honeymoon

Create a deeper, lasting bond with the love of your life and ignite greater passion between you.

Understand Your Man’s Anatomy & Erogenous Zones For Enhanced Stimulation

Learn the different erogenous zones of your man and exactly what makes him feel good for a mind-blowing connection.

Make him feign for you like Jodeci

Discover the secrets to satisfying your partner by playfully teasing him, and getting him smitten with you.

And Many More Expert Tips On How To Make The Most Special Man In Your Life Happy and Satisfied!

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Make Your Man Cherish You And Make Him Fall Deeper In Love With You

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Unfortunately, most women don’t understand the simple truth that making their men feel special is one of the best things they can do for their relationships.

Giving him special treatment can effectively relieve stress and positively affect his attitude toward you! That’s why I always tell women that treating their men special benefits them more in the long run!

Even if the thought of treating your man special baffles you, I can help you learn to enjoy it.

It’s more mental than it is physical, and with the right attitude and mindset, it can be a mutually enjoyable act of love that makes your man appreciate you more and treat you better than he ever has before.

Let me teach you how you can transform your relationship into one you’ve always dreamed of, and have your man spoiling you with the goddess treatment you know you deserve!

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